Why Your Workplace Needs a Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet

Why Your Workplace Needs a Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet main image Why Your Workplace Needs a Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet image

Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets are large containers or cupboards that safely store hazardous substances. This includes substances that are flammable, corrosive and toxic. It is important that companies can guarantee their storage of dangerous goods complies with the relevant Australian standards. Therefore these cabinets are a vital part of the workplace, as they ensure that all personnel and visitors can remain safe while working with hazardous or dangerous substances. This involves reducing fire risks, explosions and corrosive spills and leaks. Additionally, they are usually identifiable as being the colour yellow. 


Assess what substances you need to store

Before choosing a Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet for your workplace, you should assess what substances you need to store and prepare any other safety procedures you might have to make. Consider the quantity of materials you wish to store and whether or not they could react negatively with each other in the case of a leak. It is important to formulate spill containment and fire containment strategies in case of these circumstances. You should also think about what environment these substances are going to be stored in, especially whether or not temperature, light and moisture might affect them.


Dangerous goods storage cabinets

Dangerous goods storage cabinets typically include a number of shelves inside, varying on the specific model. The Flammable Liquids Cabinets available on the Equip2Go website all have shelves that safely direct spills to the back and bottom of the cabinet. This ensures the safety of the substances inside, as well as the safety of all personnel and visitors in the workplace.


Dangerous goods storage cabinets are suitable to store a variety of hazardous substances. One example is flammable substances, which is why these cabinets are also known as fire safety cabinets or fireproof storage cabinets. These cabinets provide a safe and secure way of storing all types of flammable liquids and solids, including oil-based paint, petrol and diesel. Additionally, in the case of many dangerous goods storage cabinets, they have 40mm of insulating air space for fire resistance, making them able to withstand fire and thus be a secure place to store flammable substances.

Store toxic and corrosive chemicals

Dangerous goods storage cabinets can also store toxic and corrosive chemicals. These include acids, disinfectants, pesticides, herbicides, bleach and miscellaneous laboratory chemicals.  Further examples of chemicals include oxidising agents and organic peroxides.

Oxidising agents are substances that cause other substances to lose electrons and can create heat, fire and gas. Common oxidising agents include Hypochlorite-inorganic, Hydrogen Peroxide and Potassium Nitrate. Oxidising agents such as these are often used in products like bleach, disinfectants, antiseptics, fertiliser and gunpowder.

Furthermore, organic peroxides can be stored in dangerous goods storage cabinets. They are used in the manufacture of a variety of plastics and construction materials, as well as commonly being used as a bleaching and maturing agents for treating substances such as flour. While organic peroxides are generally stored the same as oxidising agents, one significant difference is that organic peroxides can combust independently, whereas oxidising agents are non-combustible can only sustain combustion.


It is important to note that there are specific storage cabinets that are intended for specific hazardous substances. For example, gas cylinder storage cabinets are specifically designed to safely store and protect gas cylinders and bottles. Examples include aerosol cans, LPG cylinders, acetylene cylinders, forklift gas bottles and other compressed gas cylinders. Since incorrect storage of compressed gas cylinders increases the risk of fire and explosion, it is critical to ensure that they receive the sufficient protection and storage that they require.

Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets have many uses and can vary depending on what you want to store. Choosing the right cabinet to match the substances you wish to store is vital if you want to ensure everyone’s safety in the workplace.