Large Plastic Crates, Plastic Bins, Plastic Tubs & Plastic Containers

Introduction to Our Plastic Crates and Storage Containers

At Equip2Go, we have a wide assortment of plastic crates and plastic storage containers that allow you to get the most out of your storage and transportation needs. We have stackable plastic containers, nesting plastic containers, ventilated crates, plastic buckets, rectangular tanks, circular tanks, plastic pallets, wheelie bins and trust bins and crates. Not only are our plastic crates and storage tubs efficient and suitable for a variety of industries, they are also reusable and can be used many times over, unlike most forms of one-way packaging.


Uses for Our Industrial Plastic Tubs and Trays

Plastic storage boxes are a staple of many material handling and warehouse equipment industries, as well as others. Their industrial applications include warehouse plastic crates, storeroom plastic containers, hospital plastic trays, laboratory plastic trays, school plastic tubs, automotive plastic crates and plastic crates for tool sheds and workshops as well. Our food gradable plastic storage containers, also known as butcher’s crates, apple crates or food crates are especially convenient for food storage in the fruit and vegetable industry, as they are suitable for washing and high pressure cleaning, and they also have the ability to withstand freezing conditions.


What to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Crate for Your Workplace

When choosing an industrial plastic crate or storage container, there are many things to be aware of. Firstly, check the dimensions and load capacity of the container and verify that they match your storage and transportation needs. This is important so you receive the right plastic crate or container and can reduce the risk of using one that is unsuitable for your intended application. Secondly, if you require a plastic crate for food distribution and storage purposes, make sure to choose one that is labelled as food gradable in its description. We have many plastic trays that are suitable for food processing and healthcare industries, such as our IH098 50L Vented Plastic Stacking Crate and our IH012 Vented Seedling Tray. Additionally, we also have milk crates like our IH160 32L Milk Crate available, if you wish to store and transport milk cartons, milk bottles and much more. Thirdly, consider stackable plastic containers and foldable plastic crates if your work environment is limited on space. Products like our IH046 46L Plastic Stacking Crate and our IH1210 41L Folding Plastic Crate are able to be easily manoeuvred and stored. Lastly, if you require a lid, be sure to check out which lid suits your container or plastic bin since they vary depending on the model.


Preserving Your Safety with Our Plastic Crates

It is always important to preserve not only the safety of your products, but most importantly, yourself and your workers. This is especially crucial when using food gradable containers in cool rooms, store rooms, refrigerators and freezers. Since not all containers are food gradable, some are not suitable for long term contact with food as chemicals can start to leak out. In addition to this, single-use receptacles such as takeaway containers and ice cream containers are likewise unsuitable for industrial long term food storage as they cannot withstand repeated heating and freezing. By only using food gradable plastic tubs to look after food, you can get the job done while maintaining the quality and the safety of your produce.

The plastic crates and containers that we have available enable efficient storage and distribution of products and utensils in a myriad of industries. We deliver throughout Australia, with our head office situated in Dandenong South, Victoria, and further sales and warehousing operations located in Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD).