Safety Equipment - Warehousing and Traffic Control

Introduction to Our Reliable Safety Equipment

At Equip2Go, the safety equipment that we have available largely consists of warehousing and traffic management equipment that is geared towards maintaining health and safety for your employees in the workplace and for pedestrians. This includes traffic management products, convex mirrors, portable barriers, guards & bollards, collision protection, safety tapes and matting.


Safety Equipment Uses

Our diverse range of safety products covers various industry applications:

  • Traffic cones and flag bunting rolls are useful in many roadwork sites and hazardous footpath areas to warn pedestrians and drivers of danger.
  • Convex mirrors are commonly employed on intersections at roads, loading docks, car parks and driveways where vision can be obscured or reduced. Industrial mirrors can also be used in warehouses to help give an added observation point for machinery and production lines.
  • For a mobile solution to pedestrian and traffic control problems, expandable and portable barricades conveniently restrict access where a flexible traffic control barrier is required. This is especially effective at roadwork sites, shopping centres, factories, car parks, loading docks, function centres and warehouses.
  • Guard and bollards are safety guarding on machines and equipment that prevents or reduces access to dangerous areas of machinery in warehouses and material handling industries.
  • Collision Protection includes various products that give added protection in warehouse environments.
  • Ideal for marking off areas and warning people to stay away, safety tape is used in unsafe areas like under-construction buildings, roads, and accident prone work sites.
  • Given its slip resistance that reduces risk of slipping and tripping, matting is ideal for demanding work areas such as checkouts, workstations, assembly lines, food processing areas, retail counters, warehouses and domestic kitchens. It is particularly useful to combat oily or wet workplace floors and uneven floor surfaces.


What to Consider When Choosing Our Safety Equipment

When choosing safety products and safety gear, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, if you require a safety cone, discern whether you require a plain traffic cone, like our 700mm Plain Orange Traffic Cone, or a reflective traffic cone, like our 700mm Reflective Orange Traffic Cone. Reflective road cones have all the benefits of plain road cones (flexible PVC construction, fluorescent colour and U.V. stabilised to minimise fading) as well as advanced visibility, which ensures that the cone is clearly identifiable in low/reduced vision environments. Also take note of the height and colour of the witches hat that you require, as we at Equip2Go have construction cones ranging from 450mm to 1000mm tall and in colours including orange, white and yellow.
Secondly, if you are looking to purchase a mobile barrier or security barricade such as our Red/White Securite 9m Retractable Belt, please be aware that while they can be used in conjunction with our assortment of traffic pylons, they are sold separately. You would therefore need to purchase them both.
Lastly, when considering a convex traffic mirror, it is important to pick one that aligns with the environment you intend to use it in. We have both indoor convex mirrors and outdoor convex mirrors, which are available as quarter domes, half domes and full domes, as well as road mirrors that are able to be mounted on an outside post.


Maintaining Health and Safety With Our Safety Equipment

Our array of warehousing and traffic control equipment provides many health and safety benefits in both workplaces and public worksites. For example, highway cones, flag bunting rolls, portable barricades and safety tread tape can all be used to keep pedestrians and workers away from potentially harmful or risky equipment and machinery. In environments where physical barriers might not be logistical, pathways and work zones can be designated with safety cones and/or safety tape. Through temporarily redirecting traffic in a reliable way, necessary work can be carried out without fear of any accidents.
Additionally, our matting’s anti-slip surfaces reduce potential slip and trip hazards and help to preserve workers’ health and safety. Given that slips and falls make up a large number of reportable workplace injuries, the anti-slip features of our safety matting can greatly enhance the security and comfort of employees in your workplace.

The safety equipment that we have available at Equip2Go is suitable for a variety of industrial applications and will help to alleviate risk of harm in your workplace. We deliver throughout Australia, with our head office situated in Dandenong South, Victoria, and further sales and warehousing operations located in Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD).