Introduction to Our Hospitality and Cleaning Products

Hospitality and cleaning equipment is used in many industries to transport items and cleaning products, allowing workers to get the job done in a safe and hygienic way. Our products include cleaning carts, housekeeping carts, linen carts, service carts, utility carts, bins, buckets and food safe bins. We also have cleaning accessories such as storage covers, polylines, cloth bags and caution wet floor safety cones available as well. Suitable for numerous applications, we have industrial hospitality and cleaning products for all your needs.


Industrial Uses of Hospitality and Cleaning Trolleys

Hospitality carts can be used in a variety of industries, functioning as hotel trolleys, restaurant trolleys, kitchen trolleys, food trolleys, catering trolleys and service trolleys. Some of our hospitality trolleys, such as our HTS500S Galvanised Single Deck Platform Trolley, are suitable for use in cool rooms and refrigerators due to outstanding corrosion resistance. We also have hospitality trolleys like our TS3-6004 Three-Tier Platform Trolley, which are able to be used in areas exposed to chemicals. Additionally, for trolleys suitable for food handling and operation, look no further than our HD Plastic Gastronorm Trolley, which is made from high temperature resistant plastic and can have oven-hot baking trays be placed directly onto its rack.
The industrial applications of our cleaning products include uses as janitor carts and laundry carts in hotels, hospitals, offices, boarding schools and many other environments. We have janitor trolleys such as our GRANDMAID Black Cleaning Cart, which comes with zipped waste bags and is ideal for collecting trash and transporting cleaning tools. We also have laundry trolleys like our 170L X Type Linen Cart, which is fit for collecting all types of linen and has a high quality vinyl bag with side straps. Additional cleaning trolleys include our B040 Single Mop Wringer Trolley and our GT3545 Steel Wagon Trolley for Trash Bag that is suited for industrial rubbish collection.


What to Consider When Choosing a Hospitality or Cleaning Product

There are a few things to take note of if you are considering a cleaning or hospitality cart for your workplace. Where applicable, keep in mind a trolley’s dimensions, its load capacity and its storage space capabilities. Since using a trolley with the wrong specifications can not only reduce efficiency in the workplace, it can also increase safety risks. Moreover, if space is an issue in your workplace, consider a collapsible trolley such as our 340L X Type Linen Cart, which can be folded for convenient storage. Additionally, if you require a GRANDMAID Cleaning Cart Storage Cover or Polyliner, or any other accessory, check out our Cleaning Accessories.


Safety Features of Our Hospitality and Cleaning Equipment

When using hospitality and cleaning equipment, it is important to preserve the safety of yourself and others in the workplace. This can be done by being aware of a few things. Housekeeping trolleys such as our GRANDMAID Housekeeping Cart with Doors have bumpers that are available to protect all four corners of the cart, as well as the walls in your workplace. Additionally, we have utility trolleys such as our Hi-5 2-Shelf Utility Cart that have textured shelves. These shelves prevent slippage and ensure security when in operation. It is important to keep these above safety features in mind when choosing equipment.

Our hospitality and cleaning products enable safe and hygienic handling of items in a variety of industries. We deliver throughout Australia, with our head office situated in Dandenong South, Victoria, and further sales and warehousing operations located in Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD).