Warehouse Trolleys Online

Introduction to our Industrial Trolleys

Trolleys are an essential component for transporting products and equipmentacross many industries. Although primarily used in material handling and warehouse equipment industries, they are also a staple in retail, office, cleaning, hospital, kitchen and school environments. Whether you are looking for light weight platform trolleys, order picking trolleys, hand trolleys, hand trucks, multi-tier trolleys, office trolleys, industrial dollies, we at Equip2Go have trolleys that suit all your needs.


Heavy Duty Trolley Uses

Depending on the kind of trolley, they can be used in a variety of ways to achieve different purposes. For example, order picking trolleysand cage trolleys like the compact TS1B Stock Picking Trolley are perfect warehouse trolleys for stock picking as they come in multi-tier forms. Similarly, foldable office trolleys like the X-Cart Collapsible Trolley are the ideal transport trolleys for office environments as theyhelp to distribute files, archive boxes and mail.Moreover, catering trolleys such as the HD Plastic Gastronorm Trolley are suitable for food operations and hospitality industries as they are compatible with food trays, food boxes and food pans. Finally, cleaning trolleys and laundry trolleys like the Grandmaid Cruise Housekeeping Cart enable practical use for cleaning and storage in hotels and office buildings.


What to consider when choosing a Trolley for the workplace

There are a number of things to be aware of when looking for an industrial trolley. Firstly, it is important to know what kinds of loads you intend to transport and to make sure that their weights align with the load capacity of the trolley you choose. Transporting products that are too heavy for a work trolley’s load capabilities not only fails to get the job done, but more importantly, it endangers the safety of you and your workers.Secondly, if you have limited space in your workplace, consider getting a folding trolley like our HB210 Foldable Platform Trolley, or our portable SFT2809 Foldable Chrome Plated Hand Truck. These collapsible trolleys make for easy transport and storage, and theyensure that you can efficiently save room for other things. Finally, if you require additional trolley accessories or trolley attachments such as a clipboard or parts tray, these attachments are available on our website.


Safety Features of Our Trolleys

While our trolleys are designed to prioritise your safety, there are some additional measures that you can be mindful of to further preserve your safety. For example, research demonstrates that pushing rather than pulling a trolley reduces your risk of harm. This is because you can run over your own feet when pulling a trolley, and pulling while walking backwards can cause hazards like tripping and falling.While this is unavoidable in some situations, reducing your risk of danger when usinga material handling trolley where possible helps to protect the safety of you and your workers.
Furthermore, you should ensure that trolleys are properly operated in all situations. This helps to reduce workplace injuries such as back injuries, sprains and damage to ligaments, nerve joints and bones. Operating trolleys in a sufficient manner involves using them on stable surfaces and avoiding steep slopes or stairs. Since the horizontal force required to push or pull a trolley can pose harmful risks when performed poorly, appropriately using a trolley is imperative to maintaining workplace health and safety. Additionally, the floor conditions of your workplace should be examined since the quality of the floor surface will impact the effort required to transport loads. In particular, be aware that ramps and slopes may require mechanical assistance to help you move heavy equipment.

Equip2Go has a wide range of heavy dutytrolleys that allow you to transport your products with ease. We also have trolley attachments and accessories available as well. We deliver throughout Australia, with our head office situated in Dandenong South, Victoria, and further sales and warehousing operations located in Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD).