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Hand Trolleys & Hand Trucks

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Hand Trolleys and Hand Trucks

Introduction to Our Heavy Duty Hand Trolleys

Hand trolleys are used to transport large and bulky loads around the workplace. Also called hand trucks and upright trolleys, hand trolleys provide workers with a safe solution to performing many workplace manual handling tasks. At Equip2Go, we have all sorts of heavy duty hand trolleys and hand trucks available, including upright trolleys that are foldable for convenient storage. By using our industrial hand trolleys, you can provide your employees with a safe working environment.


Industrial Uses of Our Hand Trolleys

While hand trucks are particularly useful in many warehouse settings, you can also use them in a number of other industrial environments, including using them as factory hand trolleys, office hand trolleys and others. As they are suitable for moving larger and bulkier items, depending on the hand truck, they are good for transporting equipment like big fridges and freezers, ATMs, water and gas cylinders, boxes, drums, car and truck parts, and furniture. We have an industrial hand trolley for you regardless of the environment you work in.


What to Consider When Choosing One of Our Hand Trucks for Your Workplace

Before selecting a hand truck for your workplace, it is important to decide whether or not you require one that is foldable, like our SFT2809 Foldable Chrome Plated Hand Truck. Hand trolleys like these can be folded for convenient storage and transportation, particularly suiting workplaces that are short on space.

Moreover, we also have an additional Safety Strap Accessory that can be used with hand trolleys like our TSHT4A Hand Trolley, adding extra security when being operated.

Additionally, you should always check a hand trolley’s dimensions and load capacity before purchasing it in order to ensure you choose one that suits your work environment’s conditions. For example, our RUXXAC Cart XL Trolley has a load capacity of 125kg, whereas our DL1600C Super Mover Hand Truck has a load capacity of 300kg. Considering these things when choosing a hand truck can best enable you to choose one that is tailored to your intended application.


Safety Features of Our Industrial Hand Trolleys

Our heavy duty hand trucks are all equipped with various safety features to preserve the safety of your employees when they use our hand trolleys. These include:

  • Our TSHT4P Hand Trolley has a 4mm base plate and a strong robust powdercoated frame, making for durable and reliable transportation of bulky items. In addition to these features, this upright trolley also has puncture proof wheels, with a pneumatic wheel option available upon request.
  •  Our RUXXAC Cart Business Trolley has a lightweight design and is ideal for car, house and school uses. Additionally, it is manufactured from industry grade plastic and aluminium, meaning it can securely move loads in any workplace.
  • Our SF300 Box ‘n’ Bag Hand Truck features a unique easi tilt mechanism that provides less effort for heavy loads, as well as a load support system that gives full height, and a flat surface RHS frame for secure support of double box stacks. For example, you can carry 13 cartons of beer safely with this hand trolley, as opposed to 7 cartons as with most other hand trucks.


Safety Measures You Can Follow to Maintain a Safe Workplace When Using Hand Trucks

In order to best preserve your safety when using industrial transportation equipment, you should push hand trolleys to reduce your risk of harm, rather than pulling them. This helps prevent running over your own feet with the hand trolley, as well as tripping or falling when you cannot see behind you. While pulling is unavoidable in some situations, you can reduce your risk of harm by pushing hand trucks where possible.

Furthermore, avoid uneven or unstable surfaces like steep slopes, stairs and ramps when using industrial transportation equipment. Since doing so could lead to back injuries, sprains, and damage to ligaments, nerve joints and bones, it is important that you only use hand trucks on appropriate surfaces and regularly examine your workplace’s floor conditions to ensure safe operations.


Our hand trucks enable you to transport large and bulky items around the workplace with ease. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Equip2Go is your trusted provider of industrial hand trolleys Australia.