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When it comes to loading, transporting and installing fridges in any environment, fridge trolleys provide a convenient way to safely perform these tasks. Suitable for both industrial and domestic transportation of fridges, our fridge trolleys are designed to boost efficiency and reduce risk of injuries. With both pneumatic wheels and stair-climbing wheels available, you can move large fridges with ease in a range of conditions and floor surfaces. With warehousing operations situated in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, we are proud to provide fridge trolleys to our customers throughout Australia.

There comes a time when all of us need to transport heavy equipment such as fridges. Whether it is for use in the workplace or in your own home, you can safely and effectively get the job done by using one of our heavy duty fridge trolleys. Industrially, you can use fridge trolleys in warehouses, factories, storerooms, retail stores and many other environments.

Constructed with powder-coated structural steel, our DL1600C Super Mover Hand Truck is built to be durable. With its unique Easi-Tilt mechanism and flat load support system, less effort is required for heavy loads, allowing your employees to be more efficient and productive in the workplace. Additionally, this fridge trolley has two hand grip levels, your choice of pneumatic or puncture proof castor wheels and a load capacity of 300kg.

With a handle height of 123.5cm, our TSHT4P Hand Trolley is perfect for transporting fridges up to 4 feet high. It has a strong robust powder-coated frame and puncture proof wheels, giving it improved strength and durability. You can also request pneumatic castor wheels to further enhance this. Additionally, this fridge trolley has a 4mm base plate, a load capacity of 220kg and a 12 month frame warranty.

Our TSHT5P Hand Trolley Hand Trolley has a heavy duty construction designed for carrying bulky loads in industrial environments. While sharing many of the same features as our TSHT4P fridge trolley, this fridge trolley has a larger handle height of roughly 5 feet (154cm).

Our TSHT4A Hand Trolley has stair-climbing wheels that enable you to safely transport fridges up to 220kg in weight over stairs. This stair-climbing wheel mechanism allows you to be more efficient with your fridge handling while still maintaining optimum stability during operation. Additionally, as with the fridge trolleys mentioned above, this hand truck also has a powder-coated frame, a 4mm base plate and a 12 month frame warranty.

Similarly manufactured with stair-climbing wheels, our TSHT5A Hand Trolley is ideal for loading and moving fridges up to 5 feet in height (this fridge trolley has a handle height of 154cm).

How to Remain Safe When Using Our Industrial Fridge Trolleys

There are many ways to preserve your safety when transporting heavy equipment like fridges, including using our safety strap with our fridge trolleys. As with most of our hand trucks, our industrial fridge trolleys can be fitted with our 11-1003-B Safety Strap, keeping the fridge secure and adding an extra layer of safety.

Moreover, it is imperative that you maintain your health and safety when operating heavy duty fridge trolleys. This can involve techniques such as pushing the fridge trolley rather than pulling it so as to not trip over, as well as avoiding uneven or unstable surfaces like steep slopes, ramps or stairs (our stair-climbing fridge trolleys are an exception). As improper use can lead to back injuries, sprains and damage to bones, nerve joints and ligaments, it is vital that your employees are aware of the safest operating practices when using fridge trolleys.

Our fridge trolleys are just some of many industrial transportation devices we have that can help you move an array of warehouse equipment, goods and other workplace items. Check out our range of Industrial Trolleys for more information.