Industrial Warehouse Equipment

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Warehouse Equipment refers to any tools or apparatus that assists in the movement, storage and control of materials and manufactured goods. This applies to any part of the process, including production, distribution, consumption and disposal.

Warehouse Equipment refers to any tools or apparatus that assists in the movement, storage and control of materials and manufactured goods. This applies to any part of the process, including production, distribution, consumption and disposal.

Below are some examples of common warehouse equipment. They are divided into six categories: trolleys, ladders and access equipment, lifting and handling equipment, safety equipment, plastics and castor wheels.

Trolleys: Industrial Dollies


Industrial dollies are used to transport furniture, containers, bins and other furnishings around the office and home.

Equip2Go has several types of dollies to suit all kinds of uses. Dollies like the AKA251 Plastic Dolly are ideal for linen and laundry applications and suit light to medium load ratings. There are also dollies like the TSD44 Drum Dolly that are specifically designed for drums (in the case of the TSD44 Drum Dolly, this applies to a 205 litre or 44 gallon drum). Additionally, there are dollies to suit circular bins, such as the TS01518 Dolly, as well as piano dollies like the TSPTP Piano Trolley, which are made to transport heavy-duty items.

Ladders and Access Equipment: Platform Ladders

Monstar Ladders

Platform ladders are single-sided step ladders with a platform replacing the top step. Due to the increased surface area of the platform, they are convenient to set tools down on and they also provide the user’s feet with some comfort when standing on the ladder for extended periods of time. Platform ladders are self-supporting and do not need to lean against anything in order to be stable. They also have safety rails around the platform to provide an extra layer of security. This ladder is perfect for projects that require you to use both hands while working, or where you need more freedom to move around in multiple directions.

Monstar Laddersprovides platform ladders that come in multiple steps. They range from 2-steps to 6-steps and are designed for heavy industrial use. Each ladder has a wide base with rubber feet as well as fully welded retractable castors, and they are made to exceed AS/NZS 1892.1 standards.

In addition to platform ladders, Monstar Ladders also offers handrail and safety gate attachments. These provide added security and stability when ascending and descending a platform ladder, and are bright industrial red for added visibility.

Lifting and Handling Equipment: Stackers and Lifters

Team Systems

Pallet Trucks are useful tools that are designed for loading and unloading goods in warehouses, docks and factories. They come as manual pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks or high lift pallet jacks.

Manual pallet trucks like the 450mm wide Pallet Truck have 3-position control handle and a fully adjustable push rod under the forks. In addition to this, they also have a completely sealed hydraulic pump with a slow lowering hand control valve and an entry and exit roller that prevents physical exertion of the operator and protects the load roller and pallet.

High lift pallet trucks such as the 540mm wide High Lift Pallet Truck commonly share the same qualities as Manual Pallet Trucks with a couple additions. They have a skid lifter that is suitable as a lift table or a work bench, stabilisers to ensure maximum stability, and they can also not be moved in a raised position to maintain the operator’s safety.

Electric Pallet Trucks such as the LPT15 Powered Electric Pallet Truck has an ergonomic tiller, a built-in charger, a maintenance-free battery and stability through additional stabilisers.

Safety Equipment: Convex Mirrors


Strategically placed Convex Mirrors help prevent collisions at obscured intersections. They also assist in supervision of machinery and production lines, providing an extra observation point.

All Convex Mirrors from Equip2Go are lightweight, easily installable and shatterproof due to an unbreakable polycarbonate face. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor locations, in which they come supplied with Wall Mount Brackets and can be adjusted to any angle. Additionally, they are available in full, half or quarter domes which provide 360°, 180° and 90° views respectively, and can be suspended on chains or fixed directly to the ceiling.

Plastics: Plastic Stacking Containers


Plastics encompass plastic crates, storage containers, tubs, buckets and bins that

Plastic Stacking Containers are designed to be used in a variety of applications, particularly in food processing, industrial and distribution businesses. Plastic stacking containers perfectly stack on top of one another and reduce the amount of storage required.

Equip2Go has a wide selection of plastic stacking containers. These include milk crates such as the IH160 32L Milk Crate, tote containers such as the IH305 13L Plastic Crate Small Tote Box, automotive crates such as the IH024 25L Plastic Crate Auto and folding crates such as the IH1094 17L Folding Plastic Crate. Additionally, they come in solid or ventilated forms, and many of them are food gradable.

Castors: Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Castors

Castor Solutions

Castor wheels are used for trolleys and some manoeuvrable ladders. They vary depending on different weighted applications, and they come in light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty castor wheel forms.

Light-duty castor wheels are suitable for load capacities up to 90kg, making them ideal for light trolleys going short distances. They come in nylon or rubber wheel materials, and are available with swivel, fixed and bolthole frame types, with and without brakes. You can also purchase them with plate or bolt fittings.

Medium-duty castor wheels can support loads of up to 300kg and are suitable for medium-duty applications. They come in rubber, nylon and urethane and are available with swivel, fixed and bolt hole frame types, with or without brakes.

Heavy-duty castor wheels can transport loads of up to 1.5 tonnes and are generally used for stock trolleys for automotive parts, shipping containers and multi-purpose industrial trolleys. They are available in rubber, nylon and urethane materials, and come in fixed and swivel frame types. Brakes and directional lock castors can also be added on if you desire.

Above are all examples of warehouse equipment and their uses.