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Trolleys are a fundamental piece of equipment for many workplaces and industries. As they are designed to transport products and other goods, they alleviate the need to move strenuous loads by hand. As such, they help reduce...

Trolleys are a fundamental piece of equipment for many workplaces and industries. As they are designed to transport products and other goods, they alleviate the need to move strenuous loads by hand. As such, they help reduce the potential for harm and injuries at work.

Trolleys come in a variety of forms, and as such are applied in many different industries. While industrial trolleys are a staple in material handling and warehouse equipment industries, such as in warehouses and factories, they are also commonly used in offices, hotels, shops and a multitude of other workplace environments. In addition to this, some trolleys are multi-purpose and function well in more than one industry. Therefore it is important to be mindful of what specifications you require when choosing a trolley. For example, do you need a multi-tier trolley? Do you need a trolley for light-duty or heavy-duty applications? Do you require a foldable trolley to save space? These are all things to consider when choosing a trolley to suit your needs.

Warehouse trolleys

There are many warehouse operations that require trolleys to transport stock throughout the warehouse. This can help in order picking and dispatch areas, with trolleys making picking, packing and processing orders much easier and quicker.

Common warehouse trolleys include platform trolleys, which are comprised of a flat platform mounted on 4 castor wheels, with a handle on one or both ends. As they can have widely differing load capacities, they can be used in warehouses to transport both light and heavy-duty loads. Equip2Go has a variety of platform trolleys available, such as the TSL11 Platform Trolley. Another common warehouse trolley is a hand trolley or truck, which is particularly suited for transporting bulky loads due to an effective tilt mechanism. Equip2Go’s TH300 All Rounder Hand Truck is an example of this. Other trolleys that are typically used in warehouse environments include order picking trolleys, pallet jacks and trucks, drum handling trolleys, industrial dollies and scissor lifting tables.

Office trolleys

Trolleys are commonplace in offices as they are used to transport office files and archive boxes, as well as distributing mail. Trolleys such as Equip2Go’s TSOFT Office File Trolley Cart are perfect for office use as they can conveniently store and move files. You can also easily attach clipboards and other accessories to them.

Hospitality trolleys

Trolleys are useful in many hospitality environments, such as in hotels, restaurants, kitchens and catering. Safe transportation and storage of food is especially vital in food operations, as maintaining cleanliness, security and efficiency is necessary for workplaces like these to run smoothly. Gastronorm Trolleys such as Equip2Go’s HD Plastic Gastronorm Trolley are suitable for food operations environments and are made from high-temperature resistant plastic, which allows you to directly put oven-hot baking trays directly onto the rack.

Retail trolleys

When moving products to and from the storeroom of a retail area, trolleys can certainly come in handy. Foldable trolleys are particularly convenient in retail spaces that are small or don’t have much room, as their collapsibility means they are able to take up less space. Equip2Go has many foldable trolleys available, like our TSS11 Foldable Platform Trolley.

Cleaning & Laundry trolleys

Trolleys are standard in cleaning industries as they allow for efficient and practical storage and use of cleaning equipment. Equip2Go’s Grandmaid Cruise Housekeeping Cart is ideal for housekeeping in hotels and office buildings because they are easy to manoeuvre and have exceptional storage. Additionally, our Grandmaid Cleaning Cart has zipped waste bags that enable convenience in collecting trash and transporting cleaning tools. We also have other trolleys for specific cleaning applications, such as our X Type Linen Cart, which is suitable for collecting and transporting all kinds of linen and is also foldable to save space.

The industries mentioned above are all common applications for a variety of different trolleys. However, there is a multitude of other environments in which trolleys are helpful. These include hospitals, airports, schools and universities, laboratories, nursing homes, libraries and many more. The malleability and adaptability of trolleys in how they are used elucidates how significant a role they play, not just in terms of material handling and warehouse equipment, but in a myriad of industries and applications.

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