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Introduction to Our Heavy Duty Dollies

With the ability to make many bulky and otherwise immovable objects movable, dollies are useful tools that are widely used in a number of industries. At Equip2Go, our dollies are available in a large range of sizes, shapes and purposes, such as crate dollies, plastic dollies and piano dollies. With our heavy duty dolly range, your employees can transport heavy and bulky items with safety and ease.


Dolly Industrial Uses

Common items and equipment that dollies are used to transport include crates, tubs, containers, bins, furniture, drums and other bulky items. Due to their wide functionality, they are commonly used as warehouse dollies, factory dollies, machine shop dollies, workshop dollies, garage dollies, furniture dollies, upright piano dollies and despatch dollies. Anywhere you require the mobilisation of hefty items, our dollies can provide a safe and practical solution.


What to Consider When Choosing One of Our Dollies for Your Workplace

When choosing one of our dolly carts for your workplace, it is important to consider the following things.

Firstly, if you need a dolly for food-related applications, choose a dolly like our TS10PD Plastic Dolly or our RM60DY Plastic Dolly, of which the former is suitable for use in temperatures between -20°C and 60°C. This suitability with food enables these dollies to be used in environments like cool rooms, refrigerators, greengrocers and supermarkets, where contact with food is common.

Secondly, many of our dollies can be used with some of our plastic storage containers. For example, our TS10CD Dolly is compatible with our IH051 plastic tubs, our IH060 plastic tubs and our IH078 plastic tubs. Bear this in mind if you intend to use a plastic storage container when operating one of our dollies.

Lastly, it is important to be aware of dolly dimensions and load capacity. For example, our FDL6040 Dolly for Plastic Container has a load capacity of 80kg, whereas our TSD44 Drum Dolly has a load capacity of 400kg. Ensuring the dolly specifications match your intended use is vital to maintaining safe and productive working conditions for your workers.


Safety Features of Our Industrial Dollies

Many of our industrial dollies come with various safety features to make sure your employees can use them securely. Some of these include:

  • Our TSPD323 Plastic Bread Crate Dolly has a durable plastic construction and is designed to suit standard bread crates. It also has 100mm zinc wheels for enhanced mobility.
  • Our TSRT Dolly to Suit 400L TSRT Tubs has a heavy duty welded design that makes it great for laundry, stock handling and waste management applications. Additionally, it has strong and robust castor wheels with precision bearings, making it great for use with springloaded bases.
  • Our TSPTP Piano Trolley is particularly ideal for moving furniture and heavy items. With its large load capacity of 450kg and the option to choose between solid wheels and puncture proof wheels, you can transport bulky objects with ease.


Dolly Health and Safety

Transporting heavy equipment can pose numerous safety hazards for your employees if carried out improperly. These can include muscle strains, hernias, back pain and various other injuries. Fortunately, dollies alleviate many of these safety concerns by providing a secure and convenient solution to manoeuvring bulky items in the workplace. All of our dollies are designed to reduce health and safety hazards.


Our heavy duty dollies enable safe and efficient movement of large and bulky items. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Equip2Go is your trusted provider of industrial dollies Australia.