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Industrial Conveyors - Equip2go

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Industrial Conveyors

Introduction to Our Industrial Conveyors

Conveyors are designed to move all kinds of materials and items across a wide space, moving loads quicker and more efficiently than when done by hand. With both ready-made conveyors and individual conveyor parts available, they are flexible and can be fitted into whatever configuration you require. At Equip2Go, our broad selection of conveyor products includes expandable conveyors, conveyor frames, conveyor stands, conveyor rollers, roller rails and carton flow rails.


Conveyor Uses

Gravity roller conveyors are useful tools for transporting items in a myriad of environments, particularly those concerned with packaging and shipping. Given their flexibility and utility, they often function as warehouse conveyors, factory conveyors, airport conveyors, manufacturing conveyors, food processing conveyors and more. No matter the industry you work in, we have a conveyor that suits your needs.


What to Consider When Choosing a Conveyor for Your Workplace

Since we have gravity rollers available in various sizes and dimensions, it is important to be aware of product specifications before choosing one for your workplace. For example, our CFRA3337 Carton Flow Rail has a load capacity of 70kg per metre, whereas our RR3000 Roller Rail has a load capacity of 120kg per metre.

Moreover, our adjustable conveyors can expand to all kinds of heights and lengths and are incredibly adaptable. For example, conveyor stands like our TSFTC450 Adjustable Conveyor Stand can expand from a minimum height of 720mm to a maximum height of 1300mm. Similarly, expandable roller conveyors like our EC600S Heavy Duty Skate Wheel Expandable Conveyor are 1000mm long when retracted, and 3900mm long when extended. Ensuring that the roller conveyor you choose matches your intended application is vital to preserving your workplace’s safety and productivity.

Furthermore, it is important to know whether you need one of our ready-made expandable conveyors, or if you wish to assemble your own using our conveyor parts. While assembling your own allows more freedom to tailor it to your environment, our pre-made adjustable conveyor belts are designed to be self-tracking, meaning there is less chance of conveyor stoppage due to the belt mistracking.

Additionally, conveyor rollers like our TSPROLL300 PVC Conveyor Roller have spring-loaded shafts for easy installation and hassle-free maintenance.


Safety Features of Our Conveyors

Our heavy duty conveyors come with a number of safety features. For example, conveyor frames like our TSFRAME450 Conveyor Frame are constructed with strong mild steel to withstand most working conditions. Additionally, all our expandable conveyors are equipped with lockable castors to lock them down when needed to protect the loads. Safety aspects like these greatly improve workplace health and safety, and allow your employees to work at their best without the risk of preventable injury.

At Equip2Go, we have a variety of industrial conveyors available. We deliver throughout Australia, providing material handling equipment to the following cities:

Conveyors Melbourne
Conveyors Sydney
Conveyors Perth
Conveyors Brisbane.