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Crane Scales & Balancers

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Crane Scales & Balancers

Introduction to Our Industrial Crane Scales

Hanging Digital Crane Scales are practical electrical units that are capable of weighing large, bulky or awkward items, especially ones that cannot be placed on a top-loading platform scale. They are employed in various industries and are typically used for applications that require suspended weighing when bench or floor space is limited. At Equip2Go, we have hanging weight scales of various weights and load capacities available.


Digital Crane Scale Uses

Hanging scales have an industrial design and are built for rigorous commercial use in a myriad of industries. While this does usually include using warehouse crane scales to weigh large containers, pallets and crates in industrial environments like warehouses and loading docks, warehouse hanging scales are used in many other industrial settings. For example, farmers commonly use agricultural crane scales to hang and measure feed bags, while fishers use fishing crane scales to weigh and hold fish that they’ve caught. Hanging hook scales are also often used in post offices to check the weight of mail, airports to weigh baggage, and environments like markets, butchers and supermarkets to weigh food and deduce how much it costs.


What to Consider When Choosing Our Crane Scales

Before buying a digital crane scale, it is important to consider the measuring ranges of each. For example, while our XZ05 Crane Scales can weigh up to 500kg, our XZ30 Crane Scales can weigh up to 3000kg. It is important to discern between weighing capacities as using an industrial scale for items that exceed its weight limit can be dangerous. Each crane hook scale’s weight limit is listed in its product description under its measuring range.


Safety Features of Our Crane Scales

Our industrial hanging scales have various safety features to ensure your security when using them. For example, each crane weight scale has an overload warning that warns you if the load has gone over its capacity. This is important as you are notified when the overloading of the digital hanging scale can pose safety risks to you and your employees. Additionally, they have large 36mm LCD displays that are easy to read and show the weight in kilograms or pounds, as well as the electronic crane scale’s remaining battery.

Furthermore, when using an electronic hanging scale, it is imperative that you have some type of overhead support structure to hold the suspended weighing scale and the item. You should also ensure that the item you are weighing has a secure handle or attachment that enables it to be lifted and placed onto the suspension hook of the scale. These safety measures help in maintaining safety and functionality when using crane scales in the workplace.


Our range of hanging crane scales allows you to safely weigh loads with confidence. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Equip2Go is your trusted provider of crane scales Australia.