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Pallet Jack

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Pallet Jack

Introduction to Our Industrial Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks are used to load and unload goods in a variety of material handling and warehouse equipment industries. At Equip2Go, our range of pallet trucks includes manual pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks and high lift pallet jacks.


Pallet Truck Uses

There are many industrial applications of our pallet jacks. These include the loading and unloading of materials in warehouses, docks, factories, mines, retail stores and various manufacturing industries. Moreover, while using regular pallet trucks for wet and/or harsh conditions can pose safety risks, our stainless steel and galvanised pallet jacks are perfect for these environments. Examples include our 685mm Stainless Steel Pallet Jack and our 685mm Galvanised Pallet Jack.


What to Consider When Buying a Pallet Jack

When choosing a pallet jack, it is important to consider what type you need. At Equip2Go, we have hand pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks and high lift pallet jacks for sale.

  • Manual pallet jacks have a 3-position control handle and a fully adjustable push rod under the forks. They also have a completely sealed hydraulic pump with a slow lowering hand control valve and an entry and exit roller that prevents physical exertion of the operator and protects the load roller and pallet. In addition to these features, we have hand pallet trucks with hand brakes available, like our 685mm Hand Brake Pallet Jack, as well as low profile pallet jacks that are perfect for moving low entry skids, like our 540mm Low Boy Pallet Jack.
  • Our electric pallet jacks are equipped with a reliable Noblelift AC and DC drive system, as well as a powerful 700W European hydraulic motor. They have a built-in battery discharge indicator and a built-in charger for high autonomy. Powered pallet trucks like our 1500kg Electric Pallet Jack also have maintenance-free batteries.
  • The high lift pallet jacks that we have for sale are available in both manual and electric operative forms, such as our 540mm High Lift Pallet Jack (Manual) and our 685mm Electric Scissor Lift Pallet Jack (Electric). They feature skid lifters that function as a lift table or a work bench, and are suitable for lifting skids and open-based pallets. Electric high lift pallet trucks also have a built-out battery and charger resulting in a low centre of gravity and excellent manoeuvrability.

Furthermore, it is also important to bear in mind pallet jack dimensions and specifications, particularly whether or not they align with the goods you intend to load/unload. This includes fork length and width, load capacity and the fork height range. If you require a pallet truck with an especially long fork, our 1800mm Super Long Pallet Jack might be the perfect fit for you.


Safety Features of Our Industrial Pallet Jacks

Our pallet jacks allow your workplace to have better security and stability when lifting, lowering and moving loads. One of our pallet trucks’ safety features is the entry and exit roller, which prevents physical exertion of the operator and protects the load roller and pallet. Another safety feature is the ergonomic handle design, which provides convenient mobility and manoeuvrability.

However, even with our pallet jacks’ safety components, musculoskeletal injuries and accidents can still happen when using material handling equipment. This is why you should always ensure that your workers are properly trained on how to use it. A further precaution you can take is to always push pallet trucks rather than pull them, as this keeps the body upright and avoids injury.

Our selection of pallet jacks allows you to safely load and unload equipment in the workplace. We deliver throughout Australia, providing pallet trucks to the following:

Pallet jack Melbourne
Pallet jack Sydney
Pallet jack Perth
Pallet jack Brisbane