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Grade 70 Chain & Gear

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Grade 70 Chain & Gear

Introduction to Our Grade 70 Chain and Gear

Our range of Grade 70 Chain and Gear products is incredibly effective in restraining loads during transportation. Load restraint equipment like this is imperative to preserving the safety and functionality of yourself, your load and other road users (including pedestrians). At Equip2Go, we have Grade 70 links and hooks, transport chains, loadbinders and cargo bars, all of which can be used in various industries.


Grade 70 Chain and Gear Industrial Uses

Grade 70 Chain and Gear aid in the secure transportation of loads in all kinds of industrial applications. These include equipment manufacturers and suppliers, freight consigners, vehicle manufacturers and vehicle drivers (particularly trucks). Regardless of your intended industrial application, we have Grade 70 Chain and Gear for you.


What to Consider When Choosing Grade 70 Chain and Gear for Your Workplace

It is important to be aware of product dimensions and specifications when choosing loadbinders and chains for your workplace. For example, load chains like our Grade 70 Transport Chain are available in sizes from 6mm to 13mm, and with lashing capacities from 2300kg to 9000kg. Bearing this information in mind is important to maintaining efficiency and safety in your workplace.

Furthermore, discerning whether you need a lever loadbinder or a ratchet loadbinder is important as there are subtle differences in how they are applied. Lever loadbinders like our Grade 70 Loadbinder Lever style are easy to install, are relatively quick to secure and release and require less maintenance due to fewer moving parts. Conversely, chain ratchet loadbinders like our Grade 70 Loadbinder Ratchet style need less exertion to apply tension on the handle and enable slower and steadier loading. These ratchet binders reduce unnecessary strain in your body and provide a controlled and safe load binding solution. While both styles of loadbinders are similar, keeping in mind their differences can compliment your personal load binding preference.


Safety Features of Our Grade 70 Chain and Gear

Our Grade 70 Chain and Gear products are equipped with features to ensure your safety when using them. For example, our ASD10 Aluminium Cargo Bar has extruded aluminium tubing that will not rust, articulating foot pads located on both of its ends and an easy to operate locking handle that secures the bar into position. Similarly, our ASD20 Steel Cargo Bar has an easy to operate mechanical ratchet that does not slip or vibrate loose, as well as rubber-protected articulating end pads that keep the bar in place. Additionally, its steel construction allows it to work well in freezing and wet conditions and it can be folded and stored in a trailer cab to minimise pilferage. These safety features help preserve your stability and security when restraining loads.

Moreover, there are a few measures you can take to further enhance your safety when using load restraints. Firstly, refrain from using Grade 70 Chain and Gear for lifting purposes as they are solely intended for load restraining. For chains that can withstand heavy lifting, browse our broad selection of Grade 80 Alloy Steel Lifting Chains and Equipment. Secondly, it is a good idea to wear gloves when restraining loads, particularly when securing loadbinders, as doing so allows you to maintain a good grip on the binder handle. Finally, don’t rush when using load restraint equipment, especially ratchet style loadbinders. Taking your time and remaining steady is the best way to tighten loads.


Our array of Grade 70 Chain and Gear offers the ideal solution to restraining loads in any workplace. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Equip2Go is your trusted provider of Grade 70 Chain and Gear Australia.