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Introduction to Our Signature Series Trolleys

At Equip2Go, our selection of Signature Series Trolleys showcases the premier industrial trolleys in the Australian Market. With platform trolleys, service carts, hand trolleys, hand trucks, multi-shelf strainer carts, tool trolleys, electric powered trolleys and more, the operation and performance of these signature series trolleys remain unparalleled. These trolleys utilise the best castor wheels, precision welding and quality finishing designs to ensure your employees can work in a safe and efficient environment.


Industrial Uses of Our Signature Series Trolleys

As our array of signature series trolleys covers a diverse number of trolleys for different applications, you can use them in all kinds of industrial environments. They can function as warehouse trolleys, factory trolleys, office trolleys, retail trolleys, workshop trolleys, hospital trolleys, laboratory trolleys and many more. Regardless of where you work, we have a premium trolley for you.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Trolley for Your Workplace

When choosing one of our signatures series trolleys for use in your workplace, it is recommended that you consider the environment you work in and how that might affect the trolley you purchase. For example, if you work in places that are often wet, freezing or prone to exposure to chemicals, try one of our galvanised trolleys. Trolleys like our HTS500S Galvanised Single Deck Platform Trolley and our Galvanised Bulk Goods Platform Trolley resist these conditions, making them effective choices if you work in those sorts of environments

Moreover, trolleys like our HS808LC Triple Deck Service Cart Platform Trolley can be equipped with utility and waste bins like our HS808V Utility Bin, HS808US Utility Bin and our HS808U Waste Bin. These bin attachments enable convenient to use for many portable waste applications, further augmenting the scope of possible uses of these signature series trolleys.

Additionally, it is a good idea to always keep in mind a trolley’s dimensions and load capacity, in particular, if they align with your workplace’s requirements. For example, our HS850HB Plastic Deck Platform Trolley has a load capacity of 200kg, whereas our HTS500D Galvanised Twin Deck Platform Trolley has a load capacity of 450kg. Ensuring these trolley specifications match your intended use means that your employees can transport items with safety and ease.


Safety Features of Our Signature Series Trolleys

We have several safety features on each of our signature series trolleys to make sure your workers can safely and efficiently use our trolleys. Some of these include:

  • Our MT5054 Quad-Shelf Strainer Trolley Cart has 4 plastic strainer containers and integrated frame handles for your convenience. It also has a perforated top tray and 2 brake and 2 swivel castor wheels, making it incredibly easy to manoeuvre.
  • Our HS922 Double Deck Tool Trolley with Twin Drawers has a reinforced tray, double handles and twin drawers with ball bearing slides and a quick return system.
  • Our TSHTSB Self-Standing Carton Trolley features an easy lean back design and is great for stacking heavy cartons. It also has puncture proof wheels that are fitted as standard, making for enhanced durability during operation.
  • With its black powder-coated finish and lockable trays, our HS900 Quad-Deck Computer Trolley Cart is perfect for secure and reliable computer storage and transportation. It also has a power strip holder and 2 brake and 2 swivel castor wheels.
  • Our HG105 Electric Powered Trolley Cart with Cage features a powerful 400W motor and a flat deck electric drive. Additionally, it has a quality cage that is perfect for securing goods during transit, as well as a large capacity of 500kg.
  • Similarly, our HG116 Power Cart with Electric Lift likewise has a flat deck electric drive and a powerful 400W motor. In addition to these features, it also has 10’ front wheels and back rear castor wheels with brakes, as well as impeccable double scissor lift action for extra lift height.


Safety Precautions You Can Follow to Ensure Your Employees Are Safe When Using Trolleys

In order to remain safe when using industrial trolleys, you should avoid using trolleys on unstable or uneven surfaces like ramps or stairs, as these can lead to various back and body injuries. Furthermore, avoid pulling your trolley where possible, and instead push it to alleviate the risk of falling over backwards or running the trolley over your toes. By following these safety measures, your employees can work at their best knowing that they are safe.


Our signature series trolleys allow you to carry out a number of transportation tasks in various industrial environments. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Equip2Go is your trusted provider of industrial trolleys Australia.