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Office Trolleys & File Trolleys

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Office Trolleys

Introduction to Our Office Trolleys

Office trolleys are used to carry and distribute office equipment in a number of office environments, as well as others. At Equip2Go, we have a number of office carts, foldable office trolleys, upright file trolleys, chair stacking trolleys, Clax Cart trolleys and more for you to choose from. By using our office trolleys in your workplace, you can provide your employees with a safe and practical solution to transporting office-related items.


Office Trolley Industrial Uses

Besides office equipment and stationery, you can use our office carts to distribute a plethora of other objects, like files, documents, archive boxes, mail and even medical products (if you work in medical industries). As a result, office trolleys can also function as library trolleys, school trolleys, hospital trolleys, retail trolleys, mail trolleys, warehouse trolleys and more. Regardless of the environment, you work in, our office trolleys can help you move items with ease.


What to Consider When Choosing an Office Trolley for Your Workplace

If your work environment is tight on space, consider one of our folding office trolleys, such as our TSS11 Foldable Platform Trolley. Due to their folding capabilities, these trolleys provide convenient storage and transportation for workplaces that have little space free.

Moreover, some of our office trolleys can be used with some of our plastic storage containers. For example, our TS1B Stock / Order Picking Trolley is compatible with our IH051 plastic tubs, our IH060 plastic tubs and our IH078 plastic tubs. Bear this in mind if you intend to use plastic storage containers with our office trolleys.

Additionally, office trolleys like our TSOFT Office File Trolley Cart and our TS4B Stock / Order Picking Trolley can have our TS Clipboard and Parts Tray attached to them. Trolley accessories like these provide greater convenience when distributing items in the workplace.


Safety Features of Our Office Trolleys

Our industrial office trolleys have numerous safety features to ensure your security and efficiency when using them.

  • As our X-Cart Collapsible Trolley can be collapsed with the push of a button, and its wheels can be removed and stored underneath for compact storage, it is the convenient solution to all office-related applications. The X-Cart Collapsible Trolley comes with one collapsible crate that locks onto either platform, and extra baskets are available for purchase. Moreover, the top platform can be folded back for larger items to be placed on the bottom shelf, and there is also a foot pedal for security when loading and unloading. The overall capacity of this trolley is 75kg, with the bottom shelf being able to support 50kg and the top shelf being able to support 25kg.
  • Like the X-Cart Collapsible Trolley, our Clax Folding Office Trolley Cart similarly has two large load platforms, removable wheels for space-saving storage, and it can be collapsed easily at the push of a button. In addition to these features, this Clax Trolley Cart also has a block brake and an upward folding load platform. Its overall capacity is 60kg, with its lower tray being able to support up to 40 kg and its upper tray being able to support up to 20kg.
  • Our TSUPFT2 Office File Trolley is perfect for office file distribution and has two fold-up shelves, with 3 tiers overall. It has a chrome-plated finish for maximum durability and an optional rain cover.
  • Our TSCST Chair Collector Trolley has the capability to carry up to 10 classic banquet chairs, or 16 Mity-Lite SwiftSet stacking chairs. With its powder-coating and narrow width that allows for transportation of almost any stacking chair regardless of the model, this office trolley is great for a range of industrial environments.


How to Remain Safe When Using Office Trolleys

There are a couple of measures you can follow to ensure your employees remain safe when using office trolley equipment. You should avoid using office trolleys on unstable or uneven surfaces like stairs and ramps, as this can lead to various back and body injuries. Moreover, where possible, avoid pulling your office trolley and instead push it to alleviate the risk of falling over backwards or running the trolley over your toes. By following these safety precautions, you can maintain a safe working environment.


Our office trolleys allow you to distribute office files and equipment in a range of environments. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Equip2Go is your trusted provider of industrial office trolleys Australia.