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Corrosive Goods Cabinets

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Corrosive Goods Cabinets

Introduction to Our Corrosive Goods Cabinets

Our corrosive goods cabinets are perfect for storing and protecting class 8 corrosive substances. Common examples include acids such as sulphuric acid, bases like sodium hydroxide, and batteries and battery fluids. As these materials can cause significant damage to your employees and/or your workplace if there is a leakage, it is vital that you appropriately store such dangerous substances in order to maintain workplace safety conditions.


Industrial Uses of Our Corrosive Goods Cabinets

Corrosive storage cabinets are used in numerous industries to securely store corrosive materials. They commonly function as factory corrosive goods cabinets, warehouse corrosive goods cabinets, power station corrosive goods cabinets, laboratory corrosive goods cabinets and workshop corrosive goods cabinets. No matter your environment, we have a chemical storage cabinet to suit all your needs.


Corrosive Goods Cabinets Specifications and Dimensions

Before buying one of our corrosive substances safety cabinets, it is important to be aware of its dimensions and other specifications like its capacity. Our corrosive cabinets are available in a variety of capacities, including 100 litres, 160 litres and 250 litres. They also come in differing heights, including 860mm, 1360mm and 1910mm respectively. Checking that the dimensions of your safety cabinet align with your intended use of it ensures that workplace efficiency and safety do not drop.


Safety Features of Our Industrial Corrosive Goods Safety Cabinets

Each one of our corrosive goods cabinets is equipped with a number of safety features to enhance security when using them. For example, they all have two sequential self-closing doors and ventilation ports with flash arrestors on each side. Moreover, they feature a double wall thermal barrier with 40mm spacing and an integral spill containment sump with a drain and suspended perforated floor. This allows any leaks to be securely collected without going too far, further enabling stable containment of corrosive products. Additionally, our hazardous storage cabinets comply with Australian Standards AS3780-2008.


Safety Measures You Can Follow to Remain Safe When Storing Corrosive Substances

Even with the safety features of our industrial storage cabinets, there are a few measures that you can follow to maximise your security when storing corrosive substances. These include:

  • Recognising whether or not the substances you intend to store could react negatively together if there is a leak. To prevent a harmful chemical reaction, it is important to segregate incompatible substances by storing them in separate safety cabinets.
  • Being aware of the external environment you wish to store your substances in. Since temperature, moisture and light can all have an impact on some of your materials, it is crucial to either change these conditions where possible, or to move the materials you are storing and/or the dangerous goods storage cabinet they are in.
  • Having strategies for storing harmful substances and containing spills. By following updated safety measures and guidelines, you can prioritise the safety of your employees when using corrosive goods cabinets to store hazardous materials.


Our corrosive goods storage cabinets offer the ideal solution to storing corrosive substances in a variety of industrial environments. With warehousing operations located in Dandenong South (VIC), Campbellfield (VIC), Wetherill Park (NSW), Canning Vale (WA) and Yatala (QLD), Equip2Go is your trusted provider of corrosive goods cabinets Australia.