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Bailey Ladders

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Bailey Ladders

Industrial Bailey Ladders

Being Australia’s #1 ladder brand, we have a wide selection of access ladders from Bailey Ladders Online for both industrial and domestic use. This includes Bailey Platform Ladders, Bailey Order Picker Ladders and various ladder accessories to suit all your access equipment needs.


Bailey Ladders Industrial Uses

Our Bailey industrial ladders are suitable for use in many industries, and can function as warehouse ladders, office ladders, retail ladders, domestic ladders, construction ladders and more. Bailey platform ladders have a working platform at the top and are available in 2-step forms, like our Bailey Professional 2-Step Platform Ladder, all the way up to 12-step forms, like our Bailey 12-Step Platform Ladder. These platform ladders are particularly useful for carrying out maintenance operations, construction projects and accessing heavy equipment.

We also have Bailey Order Pickers, which are ideal for warehouse stock picking. These industrial Bailey Order Picker Ladders are available in 3-step forms, like our Bailey 3-Step Deluxe Order Picker, up to 14-step forms, like our Bailey 14-Step Deluxe Order Picker.

In addition to platform ladders and order pickers, we also have Bailey Modular Access Systems, which provide a modular extended work platform, and accessories like Bailey Ladders Castor Wheel Kits, which provide castor wheels for our Bailey fibreglass platform ladders.


What to Consider When Buying a Bailey Ladder

When buying any of our Bailey Ladders products, it is important to distinguish between aluminium and fibreglass ladder materials.

Aluminium ladders are lightweight yet durable, making them perfect for many domestic projects. They are moisture and corrosion resistant, however they can conduct heat and electricity, meaning they should not be used near any energised electrical equipment. They can also bend under pressure, making them not very well-suited for heavy-weighted projects.

Fibreglass ladders are also moisture and corrosion resistant, however they do not conduct heat and electricity, making them suitable for many industrial applications near heat and electricity. That being said, they are heavier than aluminium ladders and can snap under extreme stress, making them unideal for extremely heavy weights.

We have Bailey platform ladders made from aluminium and fibreglass, and our Bailey order pickers and modular access systems are made from aluminium.

Apart from ladder material type, another thing to consider when buying our Bailey Ladders products is accessories like castor wheel kits, which we have available for our Bailey fibreglass platform ladders.


Safety Features of Our Bailey Ladders

Bailey Ladders are incredibly durable, stable and safe. Our Bailey platform ladders have large platforms with checker plate anti-slip working areas, providing stability and comfort when working. They also have fully functional magnetised handrail sections for tools and fasteners, alleviating the need to hold tools in your hands and allowing you to safely focus on the task at hand. In addition to these safety features, our Bailey Stock Picker ladders are fitted with 2 safety gates and handrails to give you the best in comfort and stability. They also have deep treads that improve security when climbing and steel bracing that protects against impact damage.

Moreover, there are a few additional safety precautions that you can follow to further preserve your health and safety, as you would with any ladder. Firstly, ensure that you are aware of ladder dimensions and load capacities before using your Bailey ladder. It is important to verify that your weight and the weight of your tools do not exceed the load rating marked on the ladder. Secondly, be sure to use your ladder at least 4 metres away from any power lines if you are using it outside, and secure your ladder on ground that is stable and solid enough for it to be still. Thirdly, always keep three points of contact with your ladder, and face your ladder at all times regardless of if you are climbing or working. Fourthly, carry tools in a tool belt when climbing and avoid resting any equipment on the steps or rungs of the ladder. Lastly, once you have finished using your ladder, be sure to check for any loose or faulty components and store it in a safe, covered location. These safety precautions can give added security and protection.

We at Equip2Go have a variety of Bailey Ladders products available. We deliver throughout Australia, providing Bailey Ladders equipment to the following:

Bailey Ladders Melbourne
Bailey Ladders Sydney
Bailey Ladders Perth
Bailey Ladders Brisbane.