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Spill Kits

Introduction to Our Spill Kits

Spill kits are an essential part of any workplace that deals with hazardous substances, especially those that have the potential to spill. Within our spill control kits is everything you need to safely and efficiently clean-up leaks and spills in any industrial environment. We have spill containment kits that are available in a variety of sizes and that include all kinds of industrial spill containment equipment.


Spill Kit Industrial Uses

At Equip2Go, the industrial spill kits we have available include oil and fuel spill kits, hazchem spill kits and universal spill kits. They are suitable for oil and fuel spills, chemical spills and general all-purpose spills respectively. Whether you are looking for a chemical spill kit or an oil spill control kit, all of our spill kits can be used in a number of industries. They can function as factory spill kits, warehouse spill kits, workshop spill kits, laboratory spill kits, biohazard spill kits and others. Regardless of the environment you work in, our spill kits can help effectively maintain the safety of you and your workers.


Features of Our Various Spill Kits

What a safety spill kit contains depends on its size and the type of spill kit. Each of our spill kits is equipped with the following:

  • Absorbent pads that efficiently absorb liquids when placed directly onto spills
  • Absorbent booms that are used to circle spills and direct them away from spreading further in your workplace
  • PVC gloves that protect your hands from harmful materials
  • Laminated instructions that direct you on how to apply this industrial spill control equipment, as well as answer any additional questions you may have
  • A yellow/red/blue waterproof labelled PVC bag to store the spill containment products.

Besides this general spill control equipment, our small oil and fuel spill kits and general purpose spill kits, such as our 37L Oil and Fuel Spill Kit and our 40L Universal Spill Kit, also have contaminated waste disposal bags for convenient disposal of the used absorbent materials. In particular, our oil spill containment kits additionally feature oil and fuel pillows that absorb a higher volume of liquid than absorbent pads, as well as global peat bags that specifically soak up oils.

Our larger industrial spill kits, like our 235L Oil and Fuel Spill Kit, our 247L Universal Spill Kit and our 150L Hazchem Spill Kit, all feature more absorbent pads, booms and contaminated waste disposal bags. They also have more spill control products, such as a 120L yellow/red/blue labelled wheelie bin and yellow and black caution/spill tape.


Safety Measures You Can Follow When Using Our Spill Kits

There are a number of safety measures you can carry out to preserve workplace safety when using our mobile spill kits. These include ensuring that your employees are all adequately trained on how to use spill kits to handle leaks and spills, as well as having a plan on how to use them. Keeping the spill kit ready on standby in an accessible location that everyone is aware of can also make a big difference in maintaining safety and productivity in the workplace.


Our selection of industrial spill kits allows you to efficiently respond to workplace spills and leaks. We deliver throughout Australia, providing spill kits to the following:

Spill kits Melbourne
Spill kits Sydney
Spill kits Perth
Spill kits Brisbane